Eastbourne Equestirian Centre: The Eastbourne shop for horse supply

Dear Visitor!

Do you love horses? Are you looking for anything that horse-related? Or are you looking for everything that is horse-related? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, or all of them, you are at the right place! We have all the things that you might need if you are also enthusiastic about these beautiful creatures we love so much! We would like to introduce ourselves to you as

What is driving us?


Three things:

  • The love of animals
  • The love of horses
  • The love of riding

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We think that explains everything. Let it be the things for your horse or the things that You, the rider needs, we put all of our passion into giving you the best possible products to fulfill your needs. We know that dealing with horses is not easy and we also know that not having the proper equipment makes the life of an equestrian even harder. We know it because we have been there. That is why we want to share our expertise and experience with you, to help overcome all the hurdles of this “sport”, and not just literally, and to let you enjoy riding and taking care of your friend.


Equestrian: A sport or something else?

The quote-marks on the word sport are there for a reason: we think that riding is much more than a sport; it is a lifestyle and a way of living in symbiosis with nature and animals. And riding with the help of the best quality supplies out there makes this symbiosis deeper as it takes away the hustle and the frustration that comes with improper equipment.


What do we offer?

It would be easier to tell you what we don’t have but still here are the categories that you can shop for in the Eastbourne Equestirian Centre! You can be sure that the products come from the best suppliers and that you get the best prices possible if you from our assortment.


For the horses, and the farm

  • Stable equipment: feeding, Hay tools, Winter Supplies, Mucking, transporting and more
  • Food supplements: general supplements and vitamins and also categories like digestive system, bones and joints, anti-allergy, skin, blood builders, worms and insects, treats, pain killers…
  • Halters, leads, tacks
  • Horse boots and leg wraps
  • Fences
  • Keeping clean: The best bathing equipment, shampoos, blades, whole cleaning kits
  • And much more…


For the rider:

  • Clothing: Jackets, Hats, Boots, Socks, Trousers, Shirts… and whatever you can imagine
  • Protectors
  • Saddles for every use
  • Luggage, Cases,
  • Whips, Spurs in every possible type
  • Show accessories


I think you get the idea!We have all you need if you are just riding or living together with horses. And whatever branch of equestrian is your passion you can count on the people behind the Eastbourne Shop of horse supply.

Why visit this blog?

Check back regularly to have the latest information about us the new products we offer and all the discounts we provide! And if you have any questions please do ask! We are here to help and not just because you are a customer but because we have so much in common that we are friends without knowing each other!

The Eastbourne Equestirian Centre Team

Pleasure Valley History Equestrian Sports Shop

Horseback racing is a sport that calls for adequate preparation prior to the event. To successfully participate in an equestrian event you need to not only prepare your horse but also have the right gears needed during the race.


The managers of Pleasure Valley History equestrian sports shops understand this and that is why they are bringing a wide collection of equestrian sports equipments. These equipments include racing boots, general purpose saddles, riding socks and horse diapers.

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This sports shop in Eastbourne on the South coast of England is one of the top rated in the town. Having been established in 1995, Pleasure Valley History, boast for enjoying a relatively bigger market share. One of the main factors that makes this equestrian sports shop among the most preferred is their unique equipments. It is a shop that you will also be more likely to access horse racing equipments at discounted prices thus providing you with a chance to save a significant amount of your money.